King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Legends Come To Life

Legends have always been a part of human culture and though they are not believed as truth nowadays, they remain as stories that tell of human prowess and significant lessons and values. Each culture has their own set of legends and some have even transcended cultural barriers, leading to different legends being known to other cultures. And when it comes to legends, one of the most popular ones known throughout the world is the legend of King Arthur.

King Arthur was a British leader revered for his strength, wisdom, and accomplishments, most notably that of fighting of Saxon invaders. However, his true story, whether he was a real person or not, and whether or not his accomplishments and tales were true, are debated on as there are numerous texts that tell of his life and tales.

A Retelling Of A Popular Legend

There have been many movies released that are based on the legend of King Arthur but each took the legend and added their own twist and style to appeal to the audience. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, on the other hand, is a retelling of the popular legend. It incorporated elements from the legend itself but writers of the film put them together, along with concepts from dismissed scripts such as Excalibur and Arthur & Lancelot, to create a masterful retelling like no other.

The film revolves around, of course, Arthur who, coming from a childhood spent in back alleys and oblivious to his true identity, needs to come to terms with who he really is and the fate destiny holds for him. In reality, he is Uther Pendragon’s son, the only survivor of a massacre masterminded by Vortigern, Uther’s brother who seeks to gain control over the throne. Arthur must face his uncle in a battle for England’s throne, for better or for worse.


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