Which Do You Prefer, the Novel or its Film Adaptation on 123Movies?

There always been a constant debate among those book readers and movie enthusiast which one is much better, the novel or its film adaptation? Every year this is always movies in the Hollywood that is created based on a particular novel or book. You can find more details on 123movies on the site 123moviesstream.com.

The truth is there are some novels that well appreciated and received by lots of people across the world once it was adapted to a movie such as:

  1. Schindler’s List
  2. Pride and Prejudice
  3. Psycho
  4. The Graduate
  5. The Godfather
  6. The Blade Runner

Aside from that, there are also movies such as “The Da Vinci Code” and “The Beach” which were better off as a novel rather than a film adaptation.

Why Film Adaptation is better than the Its Novel

If you love reading, then you know that there are some elements of the movie that cannot be found in the novel which makes it better such as those movies found on 123movies. Film adaptations are able to show the characters emotion, body language, and some scenery which otherwise be absent in its counterpart novel. In terms of image realization, film adaptations are able to visualize what exactly what it wants to communicate with its viewers.

Even if the novel is well written, there is always an aspect of it that is missing which are shown in its film adaptation. Take for example the movie James Bond which is based on the novel written by Ian Fleming. The portrayal of James Bond by different actors such as Sean Connery and Roger Moore will always outlast that of the character that is described by Flemings in his novel.

In conclusion, it still depends on the individual whatever he/she prefers may it be the novel or its film adaptation. Both novel and film adaptations have its own merits and what is important is both the novel and the film adaptation was able to entertain its target audience.